102510 Advanced Radiation Detection Lab.

Course Goals:

Improving surveying in nuclear spectroscopic methods and practice on nuclear device, becoming skilful at using nuclear instrumentation by performing specific subjects such as pulse proccesing techniques and activity measurements.

Course Learning Outcomes:

The experience taken from this laboratory applicaitons involves x-ray spectroscopy, gamma spectroscopy, neutron activation experiments. Students will learn radiation applications, radiation detection and measurement and how to use in quantitatif analysis in samples.

Course Subjects:

  • Installation and operating f Gamma/x-ray spectroscopy system.
    a) İnstallation of Resistance feedback and load-sensitive preamplifier, light influenced load-sensitive preamplifier and transistor reset preamplifier system, polarity setting, use of inhibit signal in spectroscopy amplifier and pulse shaping time, system zero setting, preparation of counter making LLD, ULD and pole-zero settings in ADC.
    b) Energy and FWHM calibrations via using pulser with 1-100kev and 1-300kev energy region and Standard sources.
    c) Definition of x-rays which are emitted from radionuclides(241Am, 137Cs, 65Zn and 57Co)
    d) Measurement of mass absorption coefficients of thin plastic, alumunium and lead for low energy x-rays
  • Observing of pile up in Be windowed planar Ge/coaxial Ge detertor spectroscopy system and correction with electronic circuit.
    a) Installation of PUR/LTC electronic circuit and timer/scaler
    b) Observing of dead-time and pile up effects using single and double source methods.
    c) Application of pulser method
  • Determination of enrichment of 235U isotope using LaBr3(Ce) or NaI(Tl) detector
    a) Installation and calibration of spectrocopy system
    b) Determination of calibration coefficient using uranium standard and determination of isotopic abundance
    c) Determination of calibration curve using low-enriched SRM uranium material and obtaining of isotopic abundance
  • Determination of half-life of a short half-life radioisotope on MCS mode
    a) Determination of half life with 15In(n,gamma) reaction using indium foil and measurement of thermal neutron cross-sections in dust samples, calcuation of neutron self-absorption factor
    b) Determination of half life for 51V(n,gamma)52V and/or 55Mn(n,gamma)56Mn reactions