102526 Radiation Protection and Shielding Physics

Course Goals:

In this lecture, basic philosophy of radiation protection, concepts and basic safety standards, interaction of radiation with matter, radiation field quantities, safety transport of radiation sources and materials, dose limits, dose limits in medical fields and radiation protection concepts will be tought. Besides, shielding calculation methods for radiology rooms where the sources used in medical imaging and radiotherapy rooms will be tought.

Course Learning Outcomes:

In this lecture, the students who learned basic philosophy of radiation protection and advanced concepts will create their researche infrastructure of medical physics. They can plan radiation protection, prepare procedures to take all precautions regarding to emergency and radiation accidents. They can calculate shielding forx-ray sources in radiology and radiotherapy rooms and linear accelerator and other proton therapy facilities.

Course Subjects:

  • Radiation protection philosophy, ALARA, ICRP 103 Report, Basic radiation safety standards, Regulations
  • External and Internal Exposures
  • Rules for safe transportation of radioactive source and materials
  • Radiation field quantities, radiation sources
  • Radiation interactions with matter, general radiation transport equation
  • Radiation protection methods, Radiation dose Limits, Measures for Radiation Workers
  • Shielding principles for different radiation
  • Shielding Calculation Methods for different medical imaging and radiotherapy rooms