102529 Nuclear Electronics I

Course Goals:

The aim of the course is to review basic circuit components and circuit analysis techniques first and then to study and understand the construction and operation of semiconductor circuits, preamplification, charge coupled preamplifiers, voltage coupled pramplifiers, amplifiers, voltage power supplies.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Explains the properties of basic circuit components and semiconductors components; Analyzes circuits constructed using basic circuit components and semiconductor components; Analyzes amplifier circuits constructed using different types of transistors; Designs amplifier circuits with specified parameters

Course Subjects:

  • Basic circuits components – review
  • Circuit Analysis Techniques – Review
  • Semiconductor diodes
  • Diode applications
  • Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)
  • BJT – DC Bias
  • BJT – Small Signal Analysis
  • Field Effect Transistors (FET)
  • FET – DC Bias
  • FET – Small Signal Analysis
  • OPAMP Circuits
  • OPAMP Circuits
  • Power amplifiers
  • Power supplies and regulators