102531 Advanced Retrospective Dosimetry

Course Goals:

Retrospective dosimetry consists of methods that measure persistent chemical, biological or physical changes, in biological tissues or inert materials, which can be directly related to the absorbed dose of ionizing radiation. The aim of this course is to teach advanced retrospective dosimetry techniques. Established and emerging dosimetry methods will investigate, which can be used immediately and retrospectively following external ionizing radiation exposure. It primarily addresses graduate students and researchers.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Participants who successfully complete this course could use advenced dosimetry techniques on his/her researches or works.

Course Subjects

  • Definition of radiation accidents and historical review
  • Physical, biological and computational methods of dose assessment in retrospective dosimetry
  • Advanced models for luminescence
  • One Trap One Recombination (OTOR) model
  • Reservoirs and Competitors
  • EXAM
  • Thermal activation,
  • Tunneling effect and fading by non-thermal effects,
  • Very deep traps
  • Transfer effects
  • Luminescence from amorphous materials
  • Laboratory work
  • Laboratory work
  • Exam