102533 Numerical Techniques I

Course Goals:

The aim of this course is to learn Monte Carlo Technique, Basic Sampling Principle, Inverse Transformation Method, Rejection Method, Types of Interaction, Cartesian and Global Coordinates,Energy Spectra, Standard Deviations, Mathematical Phantoms, Other Simulation Techniques.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to calculate the doses taken by X and gamma rays and alpha and beta particles in matter or in human phantoms using the Monte Carlo simulation technique.

Course Subjects:

  • Type Transformations, Input and Output Formats.
  • Operators (number operators, and, or, xor) and pointer studies.
  • Loops (if, else if, while, for studies).
  • Importing and reading data from a file.
  • Basic principles of Monte Carlo technique, basic sampling principle and inverse transformation method.
  • Interaction of X-rays with matter, mean free path length and determining of the interaction.
  • Types of interaction, Photoelectric phenomena Compton scattering, Rayleigh scattering.
  • Coordinate Transformations, Cartesian and Global Coordinates.
  • Determination of Coordinates of Photon in Matter Entry Point.
  • Gauss distribution, standard deviations, error calculations.
  • Energy Spectrum.
  • Dose and Scatter section Calculations.
  • Mathematical Phantoms.
  • The Mathematical Phantom of the Head.