102541 Magnetic Resonance Imaging II

Course Goals:

Understand the basic components of MRI’s, learning different frequency and phase coding methods, Understanding the concepts of resolution and FOV, understand signal sampling criteria, learning the basic and fast pulse sequences used in MRI, understand spectroscopic imaging and functional magnetic resonance imaging, to be informed about MR safety.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Signal recording in MRI, the concept of k-space and Fourier Transform, data acquisition, resolution, basic imaging techniques and fast imaging techniques used for different purposes at present. 

Course Subjects:

  • Fourier transform and k-space.
  • Frequence and phase encoding.
  • Resolution, aliasing and limited sampling.
  • Basic imaging techniques.
  • Fast imaging techniques.
  • Live spectroscopic imaging.
  • Diffusion weighted imaging.
  • Image contrast in MRI.
  • Functional MRI.
  • Image defects.
  • Imaging equipment and MRI safety.