Rufiyet Kurt

    Ankara University

Institute of Nuclear Sciences

06100 Besevler/ Ankara-Turkey

T 0 312 212 85 77 / 2731  F 0 312 215 33 07


2012-              Msc. Ankara University Institute of Nuclear Sciences

Department of Medical Physics

2004                MSc.    Abant İzzet Baysal University Natural and Applied Sciences

Chemistry Teacher Education

2000                BSc.     Ankara University Department of Chemistry


Gross Alpha/Beta Counting

Liquid Scintillation Counting

Alpha Spectrometry

Research and Training

12-23.11.2012            Basic Training in Personal Dosimetry, TAEK, Ankara

15-26.10.2012            Training in Radiochemical metods and measurements for practitioners,Ljubljana,    Slovenya

10-11.09.2012            Proficiency Testing and Statistical Evaluation,Bursa

27-31.08.2012            Radiation Transport with MCNP , Ankara

03-05.07.2012            Statistics and uncertainty determination for radionuclide applications, İzmir

09.03.2012                 Strengthening Quality Infrastructure in Turkey Project

Awareness Raising Seminars on the Importance of ILCs and PTs for Laboratories, Ankara

02.02.2012                 Assignment of reference value for the CRM, TAEK-SANAEM, Ankara

31.01-01.02.2012       Certification of Reference Materials,TAEK-SANAEM, Ankara

17-19.10.2011            XIII. National Medical Physics Congress, Çeşme-İzmir

04-05.05.2010            Use of Reference Materials and the Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty, TÜBİTAK UME, Gebze

22-24.10.2009            XII. International Medical Physics Congress, Ankara

17-20.10.2009            International Symposium on Current Topics in Diagnostic Medical Physics (ISEP), AAPM (American Association Physicists in Medicine), Ankara