The graduate program at the Institute of Nuclear Science is aimed to provide qualified experts on

a) Medical Physics (Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology, Radiotherapy)

b) Health Physics

c) Radiation Protection expert and officers

To support physicians who are practicing in relevant fields as well as to train academic staff for advanced studies on retrospective dosimetry, environmental studies and risk assessment.
MSc and PhD students at present are required to take the following courses and their practical applications in the laboratory or at the hospitals and in the field.
The courses are given by the academic staff of the institute, by the invited lecturers from Medical and Engineering Faculties of Ankara University as well as by the experts from the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK)


Physics of Diagnostic Radiology
Radiation Detection and Measurement
Physics of Radiotherapy
Physics of Nuclear Medicine
Imaging Techniques
Radiation Biology
Radiation Protection
Advanced Radiation Theraphy
Retrospective Dosimetry