Student admission to Health Physics Program in 2017-2018 academic year fall semester

APPLICATION 25-29 June 2018
INTERVIEW 03 July 2018,   10:00 am
REGISTERATION 16-20 July 2018



The students should first apply online via the website (if not available: Fill Applicant-Registration-Form) and then submit the forms and the required documents to the Institute.

MSc Program Application Criteria 

  • Undergraduate diploma or graduation certificate.Students with international undergraduate diploma are requested to receive a document from Council of Higher Education to verify the equivalence of their undergraduate education.
  • Undergraduate graduation transcript (The minimum graduation score for application is 70/100 or 2.00/4.00, graduates of universties other than AU must provide two official copies).
  • Language exam certificate (a minimum score of 65 from YDS,ÜDS, KPDS or YOKDIL)
  • A language score of the foreign students is also required. The exams which are accepted to have equivalence by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) are accepted. The equivalence of the scores at the exam date is evaluated.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) accepted to be equivalent by the Inter-University Council are considered to be valid instead of ALES for foreign students.
  • Copy of identification card or passport
  • 2 recommendation letters
  • 2 photographs
  • Copy of ID card or passport.
  • Candidate Application Form should be filled on the (if not available: Fill Applicant-Registration-Form) and then submit the forms and the required documents to the Institute.



  • Graduation Transcript (2 copies, transcipts from other countries have to be translated and notarized).
  • Diploma or graduation certificate (Cetrificates from other countries have to be translated and notarized).
  • ALES Certificate (must be acquired within last two years) or an international equivalent.
  • 2 photographs
  • Copy of identification card
  • The final acceptance for Foreign Nationals that satisfies application criteria and have international undergraduate/MSc diplomas, will be based on the opinion of Council of Higher Education on the equivalence of prior education.



  1. a) Research and teaching assistants and other university employees located outside Ankara must bring a permit document at least two full-day institutions per week in order to participate in laboratory studies at the Institute during the period
  2. b)Candidates must apply to Ankara University Institute of Nuclear Sciences in person and applications with unapproved or unofficial documents will not be accepted.
  3. c)The originals of required documents must be presented at the time of application.
  4. d)The Health Physics graduate program will provide training in the following areas:


           -Radionuclide Metrology
           -Retrospective Dosimetry



For MSc applications; ALES score, undergarduate GPA and interview score are used to find the final evaluation score (50% of ALES score, 20% of undergraduate GPA and 30% of written exam score). The candidates with a minimum score of 65 are sorted with respect to their evaluation scores (minimum score is recommended by Department Academic Council and approved by Institute Executive Committee).

The approved copies of application documents will be accepted and the documents will not be returned to applicants even if they are not accepted for any programme. 



Ankara University Tandoğan Campus


Phone: 212 85 77 /2705-2706

Fax: 215 3307